Extraordinary Movers

CEO :  Anthony Fiorin ( Los Angeles, CA )

Design & Technology Support : Thunderbolt Studios Inc. (Launch v1.0.5),

Closed-Beta Launch : June 2015

Current Status : Extraordinary Movers has been operating business for several years and is based in Los Angeles, CA. EM is seeking investments to enhance its current technology and marketing outreach.

ExtraOrdinary Movers is eligible for REG TITLE III ($1M) public offering.



Application Concept : 

Extraordinary Movers

Thunderbolt Studios designed Extraordinary Movers using web responsive technology allowing users have an optimal viewing and interaction experience. You can request a quote, read the latest blog post, or contact Extraordinary Movers on any device. Try using the web application on any device and anywhere.

Not only does Extraordinary Movers allow you to request a quote or schedule a worry-free move, you can view all the different types of concierge services they offer and keep up with the latest tips and news with its updated blog posts.

Built by Thunderbolt :


Technology Used :



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For further information regarding our services and our projects please contact us at hello@thunderbo.lt



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