CEO : David Johnson ( Los Angeles, CA )

Design & Technology Support : Thunderbolt Studios Inc. (Launch v1.0 , Post Launch v2.2.3 ),

Closed-Beta Launch : June 2014

Current Status : Grassp has received $1.5M in private investments.  Grassp is based in Los Angeles and is California’s first legally approved medical cannabis delivery application service. Grassp is currently operating in San Diego, CA. Grassp has multiple medical cannabis dispensary partnerships. Grassp has several delivery units to deliver medical cannabis products on-demand.

Grassp is eligible for REG TITLE III ($1M) public offering.



Application Concept :



Medical Cannabis Delivered On-Demand. Grassp it.

Grassp is currently available in San Diego, CA ( October 2015 )

Grassp: Cross Device Application
Grassp is an advanced medical cannabis products delivery technology, logistics and analytics solution for dispensaries which provides on-demand service to registered patients.

“We created Grassp to provide a safer, more convenient path between discerning patients and the highest quality medical cannabis products available. There’s no need to drive for it anymore, our on-demand technology gives qualified patients, doctors, and service providers the connectivity and accessibility they need, whenever they need it. As long as you have a doctor’s recommendation, our revolutionary cross device platform puts the power in your hands.” – David Johnson, CEO of Grassp

Grassp: Logistics Platform
Building a custom technology, that would be thought of as a “Uber for Weed” is not simple. We designed and developed a responsive web based application for consumer facing. Making order placement for users as easy as 1,2,3.

We also strategized the ideal way to find the key component of the Grassp cross device platform through the Grassp iOS Driver app.  The Grassp Driver application receives all order requests instantly, draws navigation to the delivery location, and allows the Grassp driver to identify and register the patient. Grassp Driver app provides all the necessary information that drivers need, so in Grassp’s model, each car is acting as a mobile dispensary.

Residential and rural neighborhoods are troublesome for the medical cannabis industry because of the increase in the number of dispensaries in California. The consumption of medical cannabis is unhealthy and federally illegal for minors, for this reason we believe that integrating mobile units to local dispensaries would be a long term sustainable solution for cities.

As a patient and a consumer, Grassp knows what you are looking for and can deliver when you need it. We help you Grassp it. You will agree that Grassp is the safest and most convenient way of acquiring your medically recommended cannabis products.

Thunderbolt built Grassp V1.0 and V2.0

Built by Thunderbolt :


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Grassp Team Interview ( May’16 ) :


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