CEO : Ercument Ikan, ( Istanbul, Turkey )

Design & Technology Support : Thunderbolt Studios Inc.

Closed-Beta Launch : October 2015

Current Status : Likethat is seeking investments in order to launch and market its current platform.

Likethat is eligible for REG TITLE III ($1M) public offering.



Application Concept : 

Social Video Sharing. But now, in a different way.

Likethat connects people by bringing the traditional TV show concepts into mobile applications.

Similar to the Instagram app, users can post their pictures for other users to like it. Any word in the post with a hashtag (#) in front makes that word a searchable term. By adding an exclamation mark in front of a word in a post, a user automatically enters their video into a contest. More information and the beta version of LikeThat is #comingsoon!

Built by Thunderbolt :


Technology Used :


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LikeThat is currently seeking additional funding to scale its operations

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