CEO : Nick Bascue & Aleks Taldykin, ( Los Angeles, CA )

Design & Technology Support : Thunderbolt Studios Inc.

Closed-Beta Launch : March 2015

Current Status : Speeji is seeking investments in order to enhance the technology and market its application.

Speeji is eligible for REG TITLE III ($1M) public offering.



Application Concept : 

A Patent Pending Technology by Thunderbolt

Speeji : Voice Activated Emoji Application

Speeji is a fun and innovative way to send emoji-filled messages to your friends using state of the art voice recognition software.

Using our proprietary translation engine, users only need to speak into Speeji and it will find the appropriate emoji to replace the word or words used. Speeji allows messages to become colorful, fun, and cute all while using existing technology commonly used in iOS and Android platforms.

Built by Thunderbolt :


Technology Used :

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