Talent Exchange

Talent Exchange

CEO : Crystal Hayes ( Los Angeles, CA )

Design & Technology Support : Thunderbolt Studios Inc. (Prototype),

Closed-Beta Launch :  Development in progress

Current Status : Talent Exchange is seeking $1M in investments to build the technology, initial marketing and operational expenses.

Talent Exchange is eligible for REG TITLE III ($1M) public offering.



Application Concept :

A New Way to Fund The Undiscovered Talents

Talent Exchange is the first equity crowdfunding platform that aims to discover and support new talents from all over the world.

Talent Exchange Digital Platform is designed by the Product Design team at Thunderbolt.

Designed by Thunderbolt :


CEO – Crystal Hayes :

For further information regarding our services and our projects please contact us at hello@thunderbo.lt



Thunderbolt Studios Inc.
7950 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90046

(213) 705-9132