The Pirate Ship

"It's more fun to be a pirate than to join the navy." - Steve Jobs

Thunderbolt is a digital product design, development and marketing company.

Our in-house team and partner overseas teams offer 80+ available resources who strive for designing and developing next generation web and mobile applications.



Founder & CEO

After graduating from TED Ankara College Foundation Private High-School, Tolga studied Statistics and Computer Science at Baskent University in Ankara (TÜRKEY), where he played American Football as a team captain. After receiving his Bachelor’s degree, Tolga moved to San Diego,CA to play American Football at Palomar College, where he received his secondary education on Interactive Media & 3d Animation Design.

Tolga worked for Spin Master Studios in Santa Monica where he co-designed “Tech Deck Live,” one of the first web-based 3d games created in California. Tolga designed digital applications and marketing campaigns for brands like Ford™, Chevrolet™, Spotify™, MTV™, Cinemax™, Warner Bros™, Disney™, and Marriott Hotels™ while working with Los Angeles based Interactive Agencies – Sabertooth Interactive, and HYFN. Shortly after, Tolga led the User Acquisitions initiative at Electronic Arts™ Mobile (SOMO), where he created global marketing campaigns for the majority of EA™ brands including, Battlefield™, World Series of Poker™, Yahtzee™, Sims™, Simcity™, NBA Live™, Need For Speed™, Real Racing™, Fifa Soccer™, Madden NFL™, Tetris™ and Simpson’s Tapped Out™. Tolga Onuk also designed Electronic Arts™ Mobile’s consumer-facing brand & identity in February 2012.

Tolga started the mobile application development business at the Nclusive Creative Agency in Hollywood, and in the meantime, he co-founded & designed Curbstand iOS App. Curbstand is a payments and logistics solution designed specifically for valet companies. Later in 2013, Tolga started Thunderbolt and Curbstand received $1.1M private foreign investment. Thunderbolt partnered with “Grassp”- the first legally available on-demand Medical Cannabis Delivery Startup. Grassp also received $1.5M angel investment after its MVP beta launch on September 2014. Thunderbolt’s popular startup projects have raised $8.5M combined seed funding up to date.

By working with globally recognized brands and innovative Los Angeles startups, Thunderbolt grew into a 20 people team at the company’s Beverly Hills HQ.

Acquisition of innovative startup projects evolved the business model of Thunderbolt, and Tolga Onuk introduced the First Centralized Private Stock Market Platform for Apps (Jobs Act, Regulation Title-III | Equity-Crowdfunding Public Offerings). In 2017, the newest emerging industry of cryptocurrencies paved a decentralized way to raise funds for early-stage startups, and Tolga Onuk started to work on ICOs and Blockchain technologies.

Tolga Onuk resides in West Hollywood, CA.



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